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Hi, I’m Muna 
A visual junkie with a passion for creativity — creativity makes me happy .

I fell in love with the art of imagery & design 10 years ago. Though this self-taught journey has been challenging, it has only excited me to explore the world of photography  & imagery in more detail .

I love to experiment with product and food the most.In spite of the fact that they are inanimate, the delight of working with a brand and  brainstorm ideas  to create a powerful yet strong visuals which brings these products to life is simply exhilarating.

I have been lucky enough to have created strong visual designs for some awesome commercial product, food and fashion based brands ranging from Amazon,LouisPhilippe,Abof ,People,Amethyst,Bottled Bliss,The Madras Trunk, Farm at Home,PeterEngland,SatyaPaul,Swiggy,Simon Carter,Qtrove to name a few

I’m grateful to get to do what I love every day!

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